Cyberdice - cryptocurrency dice game


Cyberdice - a game for Bitcoin dice - cubes, a partner of the "OneHash" website, has a gaming license registered in Curacao, checked by the Crypto Gambling Foundation game commission.

The site is equipped with: a dice game with auto stakes, a general chat for communication in which the chat bot gives out bonuses, an honesty test - we can always check the integrity of the site, with a zero balance we can always request 100 free satoshi from the tap, if you have any questions You can always contact support via chat or write a letter to them.  

And so if you want to diversify the gameplay and try your luck in the new Bitcoin dice game, welcome aboard Cyberdice. Good luck!

Deposit coin: BTC, Altcoin..

Language English

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August 31, 2020 3:49 AM
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