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Bitcong - gambling for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the game has three modes:

1) For money (cryptocurrencies - currencies)

2) Faucet - you need to win back 0.50 from tap to 2.500 to get free cryptocurrency.

3) Free game for candy wrappers.

How to play

We need to place a cryptocurrency bet, and open the cells, if the fruit is caught, we won, if something else is lost, the cells can be opened to the very top, thereby there will be more winnings.

Complexity of the game

4 cells - easy game,

3 cells - medium

2 cells - difficult,

3 cells with a complex insert - extreme

4 cells with a complex insert - a nightmare

The more difficult the level, the higher the payoff.


The best strategy of the game is to open one cell to the top, if you lose, we double the bet and play further, the same strategy as in the Dice Game, Martingale strategy.


It is also possible to start the game in automatic mode, for this we set up automatic mode and start the game.

Deposit: BTC, ETH, LTC, BTClight, Internal transfer

Languages: English, Armenian, Bengali, Vietnamese, Greek, Indonesian, Spanish.

Online chat support 24/7

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August 31, 2020 3:26 AM
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